Help St. George

Just what is a Cash Mob and how does it help St. George? The concept of a Cash Mob originates from the increasingly popular Flash Mob. Instead of congregating at a random public place to break out in song or dance, a Cash Mob gets together at a local business at the same time and on the same day to buy something. The goal is to help local small business owners. With places like Target and Walmart selling just about everything you need, many local small business owners are going out of business. We want to reverse that trend and help the community. Will you join us?

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If We Each Do A Little, We Can All Do A Lot.

We can make a real impact in the lives of our local small business owners here in St. George. Just look at this video of how we were able to help Russo’s Pizza.

Cash Mobs are all across the country making a difference in each of their communities. Read this account from a business owner who got Cash Mobbed and see how we are all making a difference:

“On Thursday, a group of 65 community-minded souls came together to cash mob my business. What an incredible feeling it is to watch five dozen plus people rush in your front door with smiles on their faces and with one and only one idea: to support a local business. No discounts, no special deals – that’s not the mission here.

For me, an independent business owner, it means much more than that the dollars that were spent in a 75-minute buying frenzy…This cash mob group that has accomplished what too many only talk about: making change by taking action. Action is stronger than words.

People are now actively supporting Mom and Pops and other local independently owned businesses. Cash mobs are more than a buzzword; this has become a movement. It has helped bring back the culturally important idea of supporting those who support you. Keep it local. It feels good.”

Imagine if we could get our local business owners to say the same thing! Local, independently owned businesses have done so much to help our community, it’s time for us as a community to rally around our local, independently owned businesses and return the favor. Follow STG Cash Mob on Facebook or Twitter for updates on the next Cash Mob. You can also follow us on YouTube to see videos of each event.